Social Media Shakeup

Before coming up with my idea for this campaign, I went through extensive research and a number of interviews with community members and experts to see how social media is affecting youth.

The “Social Media Shakeup” is a social media campaign that allows users to sign up to this “event” that blocks them from using social media on the day of the campaign. After signing up the participant will receive an email with coupons to local restaurants, movie theaters, amusement parks etc. that they could visit on their “day off”. Teens will be able to see other friends participating, so they won’t feel left out if they abandon social media for the day. This idea seems more realistic than trying to get users to quit social media all together and educates the audience of the dangers of social media.

The designs I created used bright and fun colors to really target my audience and help them see this as an enjoyable and exciting event that they would want to join. I created a number of designs for the event including a single page scrolling website, social media material, prizes that users could win and in informative infographic about the issue.